3 days ago
Scoop: Former FDA head Scott Gottlieb rejoins venture capital firm NEA

Scott Gottlieb, who recently stepped down as the head of the Food and Drug Administration, has rejoined venture capital firm New Enterprise Associates as a full-time investing partner, Axios has ... See more

He'll be a full-time investor.

3 days ago
E-cigarettes are 'more effective than nicotine replacement gums'

E-cigarettes are 'THREE TIMES more effective than nicotine replacement gums and patches at helping smokers quit' - University College London scientists led the study of almost 20,000 ... See more

Doctors at University College London found vapers were 95 per cent more likely to be successful than those not using the gadgets in their attempts to kick the habit.

3 days ago
Is Vaping 'Linked' to Brain Damage, Narrow Arteries, and Lung Damage?

In April and May 2019, two identical posts with the title “Vaping Now Linked to Brain Damage, Narrow Arteries, and Serious Lung Damage” were published on separate clickbait websites, Real Farmacy and Living Traditionally. The piece, which made a ... See more

A blog post selling detox solutions does not a peer-reviewed, scientific study make -- but we took a look at its claims anyway.

1 week ago
Kevin Crowley

You don't know why they want everyone to keep smoking?

Actual Master Settlement Agreement revenue according to Tobacco-Free Kids, and predicted revenue from smoking every year just below it.

1 week ago
There is No ‘Epidemic’ of Youth Vaping, Only a Moral Panic | The Freedom Pub

There is no “Epidemic” of youth vaping, only a moral panic.


There is No ‘Epidemic’ of Youth Vaping, Only a Moral Panic written by Sherwin Mena May 17, 2019 About Latest Posts Sherwin MenaPresident at North Carolina Vaping CouncilSherwin Mena is President of the North Carolina Vaping Council (NCVC). Established ... See more

1 week ago
The 2018 American Teen Vaping Epidemic, Recalculated

“In summary, the oft-cited teen vaping epidemic involves not three million youths, but rather 95,000 underage teens who vaped frequently but never used other tobacco products – or 0.6% of the nation’s 14.8 million high school ... See more

Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb and other government officials have repeatedly asserted that the U.S. is in the midst of a tee...

1 week ago
New York Times Runs Stealth Anti-Vaping Ad as Op-ed

“In “How Big Tobacco Got a New Generation Hooked,” writer Alex Bogusky criticizes the marketing practices of tobacco and e-cigarette companies. But neither Bogusky nor the Times disclosed the fact that his firm has been paid hundreds of millions of ... See more

Readers of The New York Times deserve better than advertising masquerading as righteous opinion writing. While reporters at Times get credit for exploring and exposing conflicts of interest among its reporters or sources, their commitment to ethical ... See more

1 week ago
Vapor Technology Association

Yesterday, a US District Court ruled against FDA in a lawsuit challenging FDA’s implementation of the Deeming. Attached is a brief summary of the ruling and its potential impact: https://bit.ly/2Ecc3Fy

1 week ago
Judge orders FDA to speed up review of e-cigarettes

“A federal judge is siding with public health groups suing the Food and Drug Administration to begin reviewing thousands of e-cigarettes on the U.S. market.

The ruling handed down Wednesday in district court states that the agency shirked its legal ... See more

WASHINGTON (AP) — A federal judge is siding with public health groups suing the Food and Drug Administration to begin reviewing thousands of e-cigarettes on the U.S. market. The ruling...

1 week ago
Vape giant Juul to bring 500 jobs to Lexington County this summer

E-cigarette giant Juul will invest $125 million and create 500 jobs in Lexington County, the company announced Monday.

The company plans to fund an assembly and packaging plant in the county as early as this summer.

There are six registered Juul ... See more

E-cigarette maker Juul will invest $125M in a South Carolina assembly and packaging plant in Lexington County the company announced on Monday. The plant will create 500 jobs, a boon to the county’s economy and workforce.

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