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A Boon to $85 Billion Muni Tobacco-Bond Market Seen From FDA

Follow the money.
“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s April 30 approval of a tobacco-heating device could win back consumers that have switched to e-cigarettes, like Juul, and help stanch the decline in annual settlement payouts that finance the ... See more

One of the most volatile corners of the municipal-bond market is being whipsawed by Washington.

23 hours ago
Photos from North Carolina Vaping Council's post

Great day in DC. More importantly we found our message. Current administration is VERY concerned about this election. Flavor ban was enacted to appease suburban moms based on a CFTFK poll. What this administration fails to understand is that the vape ... See more

23 hours ago

Nothing like a grassroots protest to end the day. Get em FSFA.

We did a thing today, hope you enjoy Live from the The White House Daniel Mandel TD Bowen Michael J Jr. Boling Nick Orlando Delorse Orlando John Huck Trevor Campbell Austin Hopper Jonathan Risteen

1 day ago

Amazing funding. With more to come. Industry stepping up.

It’s true! $720,000 in on night! We need more though...let’s talk ACTION!!!

1 day ago
Representative Beau Matthew LaFave

Here’s some hope, Michigan Vapers.

Today I introduced a new bill to eliminate the governor’s ban on e-cigarettes.
I am getting frustrated with the governor’s double-speak. First she said she was going to ban flavored e-cigarettes immediately, then after intense public pressure, she ... See more

2 days ago
Big Picture in 'Vaping-Linked' Lung Poisonings

A detailed, chronological, State analysis, of the lung poisoning crisis by Michele Minton. https://cei.org/blog/big-picture-vaping-linked-lung-poisonings

Over the last three months, the news has been filled with stories of people falling ill from a mystery lung ailment supposedly caused by vaping. The majority of the coverage has been incomplete, inaccurate, and done little more than scare and confuse the ... See more

3 days ago

So let me get this straight - I finally got off of cigarettes after 30 yrs by switching to vaping. And because of kids trying to get high from pot and people using products that aren't legit the whole country wants me to quit vaping and go back to ... See more

3 days ago
The Mystery Lung Disease Caused by “Vaping” Was a Textbook Drug Panic

For over a decade, millions of people have vaped nicotine liquids—over 3 million of them in the UK, where the environment for vaping is much friendlier—with few adverse effects and no recorded deaths. But a sudden rash of deaths now is supposed to ... See more

The opportunity that tobacco harm reduction haters have been waiting for finally arrived. On September 4, Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) ...

4 days ago
Vaping Prohibition is On the Table in Congress!

**CALL TO ACTION”. Here is Phase 2 of the CASAA CTA. Fill this out and SHARE SHARE SHARE. X1 when completed and shared.


In July, a US District Court judge, Paul Grimm, produced a remedy order that requires the FDA to enforce the premarket tobacco application (PMTA) requirement starting in May of 2020. This effectively moves up this particular compliance deadline by...

5 days ago
North Carolina Vaping Council

*ATTENTION VAPE SHOP OWNERS*. Please print out pamphlet and hand to your customer. Time get your clients educated, involved and CALLING. PM for pdf version.

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